Go Green

In today's day and age, you can't be "reactive" to information security. To protect your customers sensitive information and data in a world full of cyber criminals, more and more businesses are choosing to be "proactive". Secure document destruction from our company not only ensures you are within government guidelines, but also shows you care about your client's well being.

Go Shred recognizes the need to protect the Earth by recycling the paper that  we collect. 

Once destroyed, your declassified materials return as paper products -  reducing the demand for wood based paper, preserving trees and helping to protect the environment. All the paper we shred is recycled into paper products.  

​For every 1 ton of paper that is recycled, up to 17 mature trees are saved  from unnecessary destruction.

​Over the course of a year, this saves us not only  energy but also thousands of trees! To encourage all of our  customers to help with our recycling policy, we can provide a "Environmental  Impact" report that confirms the actual number of trees you have saved through  our joint recycling efforts.

Are you buried under piles of papers that need shredded? Did you know that Go Shred can save you money, give you more time to do your work and less headaches? Call today for a free consultation.   

Protect your clients with secure document destruction.

Go Shred Secure Document Destruction

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